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Welcome to my online portfolio. I am a very passionate
FrontEnd Web Developer, with previous experience
in web and graphic design. In this website you can
read About me, view samples of my Work,
or Contact me. Thanks for visiting!

p r o f i l e

I am a professionally qualified Front-End Web Developer, with experience in Web and Graphic design. Web Development is one of my great passions and even though my studies were in Graphic Design, I excelled in Development in my working life.

I moved in London from Greece in April of 2011 seeking a larger highly competitive market, thus more challenging and exciting. I have to admit at first it was not easy, but as I am very determined and I never give up. I persevered. I'm very happy I made this decision and now London kinda feels like home.

During my Web career I've worked on different types of websites (company websites, e-commerse, e-magazines, personal webpages, etc.) I constantly look for ways to stay informed of the latest trends and technological advances, to expand my knowledge, and improve my skills. Being a Web Developer is not just a job for me, is what I love doing even in my free time.

k e y    s k i l l s

High work ethic, fast learning and adjustment skills.

Very resourceful. Enthusiastic about Web.

Performing well under pressure.

Good team player, taking initiatives as well.

Multi-tasking and delivering projects within deadlines.

Detail-oriented work. Hard working, highly ambitious.

An asset for every employer I've worked for.

Quiet, but strong at the same time.

Organised, honest, polite and pleasant personality.

Very active lifestyle. Fluent in Greek and English.

e x p e r t i s e

Intermediate - Advanced

HTML, CSS, Jquery

Novice - Intermediate

Novice - Intermediate

CMS (Wordpress, Drupal, etc)
Intermediate (creating templates and widgets)

Social Network API's
(Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Soundcloud and Eventbrite)

Photoshop, Illustrator & Flash


Agile (Jira)

e x p e r i e n c e

03/2013 - Present Front-End Developer @ Vision247
Working in the front-end of company’s CMS platform, building web applications. Using mostly native, object oriented javascript, extending and improving the existing API. Using JSON objects, some HTML5 and the jQuery library(mostly for its selectors and adding custom events) added new features more up to date. Agile working environment, using GIT repositories.

12/2010 – Present Web Developer (Freelance)
Designing and developing websites for clients. Altering and improving existing websites.

01/2012 – 02/2013 Front-End Developer @ The BKH Group
Developing and delivering websites, blogs, newsletters using the best technologies (depending on projects needs). Responsible for every web project's functionaity and cross browser compatibility. Working with twitter, facebook, instagram and soundcloud APIs to create widgets. Managing clients' domain, hosting and email accounts.

12/2008 – 12/2010 Junior Web Designer Bitamin
Designing and developing websites that are visually pleasing, load quickly, and meet W3C standards. In charge whenever the manager was absent (business trips, meetings).

06/2007 – 11/2008 Junior Graphic Designer One Graphics
Designing bussiness cards, flyers, catalogues, etc.

03/2004 – 06/2004 Graphic Designer (intern) Vector
Paid internship (part time). First professional introduction in Graphic Design (business cards, flyers, and catalogues). Started while still studying.

e d u c a t i o n

AKTO(Validated College of Middlesex University)
Graphic design

National Music School

Intense Graphic Design seminars
in Photoshop & Illustrator

La Guardia Highschool - College (New York)
English & Highschool Graduation

Technical Vocational Highscool
Applied Arts

f a v o u r i t e s

Viral (band) Definitely the best band in the world. And I'm very objective saying that. It is not because its my band. That's an absurd accusation! Google What life would be without Google? The BKH A very nice and fun place to work in with great employers and colleagues. Bitamin Best employer and the very beginning of my Web career. JQuery Absolutely my favourite Javascript library. So easy to use. Stackoverflow I'd be lost without it. Helped me in my worst development dead ends Google Chrome Best browser in the world. Just delete the rest of them. No one needs them. Ok at least delete IE. Please..? IE6? Thank you.. Apple For my beloved little iPhone that is my companion in the difficult times I can't carry a laptop. And those iMacs..! Adobe For all those helpful programs. Amazon, Ebay & Gumtree Well.. I do love bargains. Google Maps & TFL Thanks for the great guidance and prevention of trouble (being lost somewhere in the unknown, late at work, meetings, etc). London Ok, this is not a website, but it is my favourite city in the world! Internet, Music, Movies, Travel, Computers, Gaming, Yoga, Fashion


This is a sample of the scripts I've developed while working in Vision247. Registration, login, payments and all the user managment scripts making API calls to communicate with our backend asynchronously.

The scripts were developed for Vision247 as a team effort.

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This is a simple but fun video production website. A sample of my freelance work with a lot of Javascript (JQuery) and API calls to YouTube for the portfolio section.

Development and design by estherz.co.uk.

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This website is very interactive. I used a lot of Javascript (JQuery). This website is one of my favorites for its clean, classy look.

It was developed and designed for The BKH. The designs were made by another member of The BKH team.

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A website build in Drupal 7. I created the theme specifically for the needs of this website and with styles and widgets with the basic Drupal theme as a base. I have worked a lot with the website's forms cause the design was not conventional. If you visit the website to see the forms go to Enroll 10 weeks.

It was developed and designed for The BKH. The designs were made by another member of The BKH team.

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This is a mini CMS website, I built with PHP and mySQL from scratch. It has a hidden admin login system connected with a database. The authorised user can very easily change some of the content, images, etc.

It was developed and designed for The BKH. The designs were made by another member of The BKH team.

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Another interactive website, for which I had to use a lot of Javascript as well.

This website was developed and designed for The BKH. The designs were made by another member of The BKH team.

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This is a wordpress website. Not one of my favorites, but I did put A LOT of work in it. Developed creating HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Wordpress Themes, Functions, Plugins and Widgets!

It was one of our longest projects (let's say it wasn't an easy client). I wasn't the one started building it, but I had the pleasure to be the one who delivered it. Leaving our client and my manager very happy.

It was developed and designed for The BKH. The designs were made by another member of The BKH team, as were parts of the code.

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A Combined HTML and Flash website. Another sample of team work while I was an employee of BITAMIN.

Developed and designed by BITAMIN

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BITAMIN team work.

Developed and designed by BITAMIN

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A Combined HTML and Flash website. BITAMIN team work.

Developed and designed by BITAMIN

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Please feel free to contact me
for any questions or comments